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Dr. Vessali's patients benefit from the latest technology when it comes to implants. When you come to our practice in Herndon, you will not only get the skill level of an educated dentist, but also will have access to the state-of-art technology with implants. However, every patient is free to have their implants done anywhere and the choice is yours. An implant needs to be performed by a surgeon or peiodontist. For that reason, Dr. Vessali uses the appropriate specialist in Herndon Cosmetic Dentistry. In our office, Dr. Vessali oversees the treatment plans that various specialists perform and therefore the continuity of your dental care is more centralized.

About the technology of implants

It is obvious that the quality of work and material used in an implant has a direct relationship with the outcome and how long implants are good for. For that reason, Dr. Vessali cuts no corners. She is a firm believer of using the best technology available.