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Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple tooth implants are typically more comfortable and functional. We use the latest technology which also leads to better looking teeth. In our office, we typically recommend a new technology which allows us to perform this procedure in a single day. Single day implants do not require you to make temporary solutions and uncessary visits that may last months. To learn more about our one day implants, please visit this page.

DIEM- Immediate Teeth Replacement

Replacing teeth with dental implants the same day as the teeth are removed.

Teeth in a day are performed using local anesthetic, sedation and general anesthesia at the oral surgeon’s state of the art surgery center. With the surgeon, myself and the lab technician all there working together to provide the patient a complete treatment plan customized for them. The oral surgeon will strategically place a series of implants throughout the patient’s mouth in order to support the new prosthetic teeth. The new teeth will then be attached to the implants. In just one visit a patient can have a permanent set of new replacement teeth which will function just like their natural teeth. When properly cared for they can last a life time.

Implant supported fixed dentures are permanent fixtures that serve as replacement teeth.

To learn more about the technology, please request a brochre by filling out the form on the right or call our support staff at 703-736-0900 and ask that we mail you a brochure.